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Stewardship Minister Shannon Phillips

Minister of AESRD



The Honourable Shannon Phillips

is the Stewardship Minister

and the Minister of Alberta Environment and Parks




  • On January 20, 2017 the Government of Alberta announced its commitment to enhance the protection of the Castle Area. This includes the creation of the Castle Provincial Park and the Castle Wildland Provincial Park which will come into effect on February 16, 2017. As the Castle Parks are located within the South Saskatchewan Region, the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan was amended to support government’s commitment. (Updated: January 2017) 



  • The Lower Athabasca Regional Plan Review Panel appointed by the Stewardship Minister under the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA) in June 2014 submitted their recommendations to the Stewardship Minister in response to requests for review of the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan from six Treaty 8 and Treaty 6 First Nations and one Metis community. As per ALSA, these recommendations were presented to Executive Council.(Updated: May 2016) 


  • The Government of Alberta is moving forward on its commitment to enhance protection of the Castle area. Find out more about this plan by visiting our Public Consultations page. (Updated: October 2015) 


  • The Government of Alberta is committed to monitoring the progress made toward achieving desired regional and provincial outcomes within regional plans. The first Land-use Framework Regional Plans Progress Report reviews the progress made in 2013. (Updated: August 2014) 


  • The Government of Alberta has established a Regional Advisory Council (RAC) for the North Saskatchewan Region to provide advice in the development of the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan. The 27 member council was appointed by Cabinet through a public and transparent nomination process. (Updated: July 2014) 


  • A Lower Athabasca Regional Plan (LARP) Review Panel was selected by the Stewardship Minister and appointed on June 23, 2014. These are the first panel members to be selected from a roster of qualified candidates. Panel members will consider six Requests for Review of the LARP and provide recommendations to the Government of Alberta on whether each applicant is directly and adversely affected by either a specific provision or provisions in the plan. (Updated: July 2014)   




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