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North Saskatchewan Region



Status: Phase 1 consultation is complete. Regional Advisory Council preparing Recommendation to Government report.




NSRP Regional Planning


Status: Started


Developing the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan (NSRP) is a phased approach that begins with gathering and assessing information, input and advice, followed by receiving feedback and drafting the regional plan, and ends with finalizing and approving the plan. Making and Amending Regional Plans offers more information about the planning process.  



NSRP Regional Advisory Council


Status: Appointed by Cabinet   


A Regional Advisory Council for the North Saskatchewan Region has been appointed by Cabinet to provide advice to the Government of Alberta in the development of the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan. Administration presents more information about the role of Regional Advisory Councils.


NSRP Consultation


Status: Phase 1 complete


Contributions from the Regional Advisory Council, First Nations and Métis groups, stakeholders, municipalities and the public inform the development of the regional plan. Visit Public Consultations to discover how to contribute to regional planning. 



NSRP Regional Plan


Status: Not Started


The regional plan sets out a new approach for managing our lands and natural resources to achieve our province's long-term environmental, economic and social goals. When a regional plan is approved by Cabinet, it becomes law. Learn more about the binding effect of regional plans at Nature and Effect of Regional Plans.




The purpose of regional planning is to support the numerous policies and strategies that guide natural resource development, support economic growth and protect our environment. Regional plans will integrate these policies and strategies at the regional level and provide the policy direction and clarity for decision makers at the federal, provincial and local levels.


The North Saskatchewan Region is located in central Alberta and has approximately 85,780 square kilometres, or just under 13 per cent of Alberta's total land base. The region is bordered by Saskatchewan to the east, British Columbia to the west, the Upper Athabasca and the Lower Athabasca regions to the north and the South Saskatchewan and Red Deer regions to the south. The region has a large and diverse landscape, which contains the Rocky Mountains, rolling foothills and prairie parkland.   


The North Saskatchewan Region is home to a diverse population and a vibrant economy. Opportunities across the region have attracted new residents and businesses from across the country and around the world. Industries driving economic activity across the region continue to grow and include energy, agriculture, tourism, forestry and associated services.


To learn more about the region, see theProfile of the North Saskatchewan Region.


Terms of Reference for Developing the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan


The Terms of Reference for Developing the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan specify what is inside and outside the scope of a regional plan by providing guidance on the economic, environmental and social factors that are to be considered as the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) prepares its advice to Cabinet and as the Government of Alberta prepares the regional plan.


North Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council  


The Regional Advisory Council for the North Saskatchewan Region has been appointed by Cabinet to provide strategic advice in the development of the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan. RAC is composed of a cross-section of individuals who live, work, recreate and/or have an interest in the region, and are able to strategically consider what is best for the entire region at a holistic level.


Public Consultation


The first phase of public consultation for the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan is complete. Albertans shared their input and feedback regarding the issues and strategies contained in theTerms of Reference for Developing the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan by attending workshops and open information sessions held in 21 communities, including 19 within the North Saskatchewan Region. An online workbook was also available for Albertans to provide their feedback until July 31, 2014.


North Saskatchewan Planning Region


To download the regional map, go to LUF Maps and Shapefiles and select North Saskatchewan Region.